VPN Services are available for connecting to IIT Mandi internal network from outside IIT Mandi. VPN access is granted only to faculty/staff. VPN services may used by the faculty/staff/Scholar for the following reasons:

  • For accessing IIT Mandi internal web portals like insite.iitmandi.ac.in, moodle etc.
  • For accessing software license servers [SolidWorks, Ansys, HSMworks, StarCCM+, MATLAB etc.].
  • For accessing online journals and conference proceedings through the IIT Mandi Library Web Portal.
  • For accessing internal servers (DNS, Proxy, Email etc.) in case there is a need.

Configuration Details:

  1. The VPN server runs on the UDP port 1194 on vpn.iitmandi.ac.in
  2. VPN password should be created before using VPN services. To create a VPN password you must have an IIT Mandi LDAP account. Click here to create VPN password.
  3. Please follow the steps in tutorials [Ubuntu/Debian] [Windows] [Mac OS X] to install/configure VPN client on your system. During installation the system should be connected to the internet as it may require some files to be downloaded from the internet.
  4. After the successfull installation/configuration you can connect to VPN server using your IIT Mandi email address as username and VPN password created in step 2.